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TerriTool is a route optimisation tool for territory sales teams that was initially built for EDI express in an effort to automate the 20 – 30 hour excruciating route creation task each salesmen had to do every month for their monthly accounts. This solution quickly evolved in to a product called ‘TerriTool’ that is currently being sold to territory sales teams as a solution to reduce the amount of time spent creating territory based routes and also manage their day-day sales activities within the product.


TerriTool was initially built as a way to significantly reduce the amount of time it took to generate a territory based sales route and in its early days it only did that. TerriTool was a web application where you could upload a list of addresses and it would output an optimised route based on its intelligent route optimisation algorithm. At that time, Spencer of EDI Express was using PipeDrive as his CRM and he had to use it extremely strategically to get the best use out of it, most importantly, he was not happy that he had to spend extra time doing meaningless tasks just to abide by the PipeDrive eco-system. As they say, time is money and it was realised that a CRM designed for a territory based salesmen was a better solution for him in the long-run. That is when it was decided that the TerriTool route optimisation system would be built on a custom CRM.

The goal of the TerriTool CRM was to ensure that it matched the workflow and user habits of a territory based salesmen.


Spencer being a territory salesmen himself and have had experience working with other territory salesmen in his team assisted with the creation of user stories, user flows, and wireframes.
Before we dug in to this with Spencer, we had done some competitive research on other CRMs built for Territory Salesmen but fortunately and unfortunately we could not find any at the time, from that we realised that we were working on something unique.

We began the solutions assessment for this and the very first thing we did was define the several user persona’s of a Territory salesmen, and once that was determined we then started discussing multiple user stories. From the user personas and user stories we had enough information to understand the type of data a territory based salesmen would like to work with, the type of workflow they could easily adjust to, and the type of functionality the TerriTool CRM needed to have. With this we had enough to mentally envision how the CRM would function and should flow on web and on mobile. We carried on with converting our vision in to wireframes and user flows, then combined this in to a prototype. Once we got to this stage, we prototyped, tested, refined, prototyped, tested, refined, prototyped, tested, refined… until we and Spencer felt that we nailed it.

Once the solutions assessment was complete, we were then ready to start developing the TerriTool CRM as an extension the route optimisation module of TerriTool. Our Solutions assessment ensured that we were on the right step before we started development and had no hiccups during the development stage of the CRM.

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With out in-house route generation system there was no limit on how many waypoints in one route could be generated. We were able to achieve routes of 500-1,000 waypoints generated within 5-10 minutes and extremely high accuracy in terms of time it would take to complete the route on the road. Our solution for the TerriTool system turned a 20-30 hour task in to a 5-10 minute task, which meant that Spencer could spend more time on the field making sales and less time on non-revenue generating tasks like this. Shortly after the completion of this project, the TerriTool system was rolled out to the entire team of EDI express.

Fast forward 6 months, TerriTool decided to bring Artificial Intelligence to their route generation system, click here to learn more.