What Are You Looking For?

If you’re looking to automate processes and repetitive tasks for your organizations, in our 30-minute consultation, a PICWA expert consultant will cover:

  • An evaluation of your current business st strucutre and processes.
  • Determine the processes and reptitive tasks that can be automated using a combination of Robots, Artificial Intelligence, API integrations, and a Custom Applicaton
  • Determine if an ROI can be produced by automating sections of your business
If you’re an agency or an organization looking to offload your technical stack to a proven team then in our initial 30-minute consultation a PICWA expert consultant will cover:
  • Understanding how we could work synergistically
  • By discussing your goals that you would like to achieve if partnered with us. And, by also understanding your organisations work style.
  • A brief evaluation of your current online infrastructure and organisation structure.
  • Discuss how an in-depth evaluation works.
  • Discuss next steps to establishing a partnership strategy.

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